bhangarhFamous for its past dark history of so-called haunted or ghost town. According to urban legend that lies between the Jaipur and Alwar, Rajasthan India the mass murder had occurred. Precisely, the city is situated between 27.08 degrees south latitude – 76.28 degrees east longitude, with a height of 380 m above sea level. There is a city that is closest to Bhangarh the town of Dausa.

Bhangarh is established in 1575 to let it alone for 10 years, and became a ghost town until now because there is no population growth. Beyond the horror of it all, Bhangarh is a beautiful and quiet town, has a special attraction to visit.

In the heyday Bhangarh, when it began to be established by King Bhangarh Das as a second residence of his son Madho Signh. Madho Signh participate in the campaign of his father and brother. The next monarch was held by his son Bhangarh Chhatr Signh. In 1630, Chhatr Signh die from, and slowly deteriorated Bhangarh. After it, Bhangarh experienced a reduction in population, and when famine struck Bhangarh the outbreak in 1783, many fell victim dumped in city Bhangarh.

There are tales that tell the history of the horror that is the charm of Princess Bhangarh the charm of Princess Bhangarh Ratnavati unrivaled throughout Rajasthan. After 18 years, the daughter began to get offers of marriage from another state. At that time, in Bhangarh, there lived a witch magic (Tantric) is superb, Shingia name. Shingia desperate because he could not get the love of the princess, and will not be seen directly. One day, Shingia see the royal maid shopping perfume for women. Seeing that, Shingia get an idea in order to meet girls. He used his magic and put spells to hypnotize the princess, so he would obey all his words and gave him love. However, knowing the plan Shingia daughter. Daughter took the fragrance oil, then throw it away and return it to the Tantric magic evil. Finally, Shingia condemnation to death by leaving the palace Bhangarh, that all people will die Bhangarh and Bhangarh population was reduced without any regeneration. The next year occurred the war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh so Ratnavati daughter died.

Hundreds of years passed, but the mystery and horror Bhangarh sources remain wafted up to now. Warning message at the entrance cause no one dared to live in this city. Even the local archeological office is located outside Bhangarh. There are warning signs that read “Entering the border of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is Strictly prohibited”. The reason the board that the board written warning may be for avoid accidents by wild animals, and not safe at night because none of the illumination light or artificial light found there.


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