batam holiday The Batam Holiday island in Riau Islands Province of Indonesia, known for its free trade zone area as part of the Sijori Growth Triangle, is located 20 km (12.5 miles) off Singapore’s south coast. The 415 km² (160 miles²) island has a population of 713,960 in December 2006, most of whom are Malays (85%) and Chinese (14%). A few indigenous Orang Laut tribes also live on the island. In the 1970s, the island underwent a major transformation from a largely forested area into a major harbor and industrial zone. The population drastically grew from a few thousand in the 1960s into hundreds of thousands.Located close to Singapore and endowed with a much cheaper labour force, several Singaporean companies have established factories in Batam Holiday. The official language on the island is Indonesian, but due to the sizeable Chinese population, Chinese dialects like Teochew and Mandarin are somewhat widely spoken. Apart from industrial zones, the islands have several resorts and tourist destinations.

History Batam Holiday

The history of Batam Holiday is tightly interwoven with nearby Bintan island and the rest of the Riau archipelago. According to Chinese chronicles Batam Holiday was already inhabited as early as 231 A.D. when Singapore island was still called Pulau Ujung (Ujung Island). It came under control of the Malacca kingdom from the 13th century, and later taken over by the Sultan of Johor who ruled until the 18th century. The coastal villages that face Singapore is said to have been a hideout for pirates who hijacked ships in the strait.

In 1824 the name of the island again appear in the Treaty of London which led to the division of the region between the Dutch and the British. Batam Holiday and the surrounding islands later became part of the Riau Lingga Kingdom, a situation that lasted until 1911, when the Dutch East Indies colonial administration took over.

Close to Sekupang, a large part of the population still make their living from fishing and sea transport.The native people of Batam Holiday are of Malay origin, but with the rapid growth and development of the area various ethnic groups from all over Indonesia has come here in search for jobs and a better life. Traditionally most of the people live in coastal villages, while the “Orang Laut” (sea people) continue to live on boathouses and boats and generally fish for a living. Some of their catch are sold to Singapore. Bahasa Indonesia is the language used to communicate among the multi-ethnic population here, while many now also understand English, which is commonly used in business communication.

Access to Batam Holiday

All Batam Holiday ports, namely Harbour Bay (Jodoh), Batam Centre, Nongsapura, Sekupang and Waterfront City (Teluk Senimba) are visa-free and visa-on-arrival ports of entry. For detailed information on visas, please refer to the Indonesia page.

By plane

Batam’s airport is the Hang Nadim International Airport (BTH). Nearly all flights are domestic where you can get direct connections to Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Palembang, Pontianak, Yogyakarta and Bandung. Indonesian carriers Garuda Indonesia, Merpati, Mandala Airlines, Lion Air, Riau Airlines, Kartika Airlines, Batavia Airlines and a host of others provide the links. One can travel to Yogyakarta from Batam.

In addition to the domestic flights, Firefly operates international flights from Subang Airport near Kuala Lumpur.
For most foreign visitors though, the most practical way of getting to Batam Holiday will be to fly into Singapore and catch a ferry from there. If you want to catch flights from Singapore’s Changi Airport, you must be on a ferry to Singapore at least three hours before departure time. See “By boat” section below for details.

By boat

View from the Singapore – Sekupang ferry, close to Sekupang. As mentioned above there are several boat services to Singapore, as well as Malaysia and to the Sumatran mainland. The ferries depart daily from World Trade Center in Singapore and arrive at Sekupang about 45 minutes later, the first ferry will leave at 7.30 am, and the last about 8 pm. Less frequent services to Singapore leave from Batu Ampar and Nongsa. The service to Malaysia leave from Batu Ampar and to the Sumatran mainland from Sekupang. Telaga Punggur, 30 km southeast of Nagoya, is the main port for speedboats to Tanjung Pinang on Nearby Pulau Bintan, the trip will take about 45 minutes, there are also three boats a day to Tanjung Pinang from Sekupang.

Get Around In Batam Holiday

By taxi

There are plenty of taxis in Batam Holiday, but there are no standard color schemes: however, licensed taxis have yellow license plates, while unlicensed ones do not (and are best avoided). As there are no meters, you will need to bargain with the drivers; the first price quoted is often silly, but if there are other taxis around, you can easily bargain them down. Sample fares for reference:
-  Telaga Punggur to Batam Centre (Rp. 50.000, 25 min)
-  Nagoya to HarbourBay ferry terminal at Batu Ampar (Rp. 20.000, 8 min)
-  Sekupang to Batam Centre (Rp. 50.000)
-  Hang Nadim airport to Nagoya/Jodoh (Rp. 75.000 – fixed price)
-  Full day hire of a taxi 500.000 (around S$70)
If you feel more comfortable with metered taxis, there are a few of these taxis attached with it, but please ensure that you asked the driver to operate the meter before getting into the taxi, otherwise they will not operate it and may charge you more than the amount that you are supposed to pay.

By Minibus (Metro Trans)

Fixed route plies between Jodoh and Telaga Punggur (Rp. 3.000 – Rp. 4.000). Sample fares for other destinations are as follows:
-  Jodoh to Sembulang via Sukajadi Rp. 9.500
-  Jodoh to Galang Baru via Sukajadi Rp. 12.000
-  Dapur 12 to Mukakuning Rp. 3.000
-  Dapur 12 to Jodoh via Sukajadi Rp. 4.000

By bus

Recently, Batam Holiday local government (known as pemerintah) started a bus service known as “Bus Pilot Project”. The blue colour bus plies between Batam Center and Batu Aji for Rp. 4.000 and Batam Center to Sekupang Rp. 4.000. Buy your ticket from the personnel before boarding.
Most hotels run shuttle buses during the day to the ferry ports and to the main shopping mall. It seems that none run a shuttle to airport.
You can hop into a free shuttle bus (yellow in colour) from Megamall Batam Center to the major hotels in Nagoya or Jodoh.

By car

The Kijang, which is generally everywhere in Indonesia, is strangely absent in Batam Holiday. Your hotel may be able to arrange a car and driver for you, but be prepared to pay Rp 100.000 or more, which is almost double the rate in Jakarta.

Place in Batam Holiday Recommendations


The port of Sekupang, the most common port of arrival if you go by boat from Singapore.Most travelers from Singapore to Batam Holiday will enter via Sekupang, where ferries shuttle constantly between the two ports. The ferries depart from World Trade Center in Singapore and arrive at Sekupang about 45 minutes later, the first ferry will leave at 7.30 am, and the last about 8 pm. At Sekupang you will easily find a taxi that can take you to other locations of the island, the airport or other ferry terminals, you will also find hotel and ferry counters here. The domestic terminal with boats to the Sumatra mainland is right next door.

Waterfront City Batam Holiday

The Waterfront City is a resort area on the west coast of Batam Holiday, south of Sekupang, that mostly attracts Singaporean visitors. Some of the activities here are water sports, bungee-jumping, indoor skiing or simply checking out the nightclubs.

Batam Center

This area facing Tering Bay is planned to be the pride of Batam Holiday with a business district, hotels, shops and a marina. Construction started on 29th of November 1987 when President Soharto and Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s first Prime Minister, each planted a banyan tree here as a symbol of the friendship between the two countries. Prime Minister Mahathir of Malaysia planted his tree later. The center is still not completed.


View from one of the many hotels in Nagoya.Nagoya (also known as Lubuk Baja) is the original center of Batam Holiday, and not a very attractive town with a mix of old and new characterless buildings. But if you are looking for local entertainment this must be the place, with plenty of shops, food stalls, nightlife, discos, music lounges, karaoke, restaurants and many small hotels. It is also at the present Batam’s center of business, trade and finance. Batu Ampar is the port of Nagoya, and from here you can catch a ferry to Singapore, although not as frequently as from Sekupang. Several boats leave daily to Johor Baru in Malaysia as well.


The north-east peninsula of Nongsa is the main tourist area on Batam Holiday, an hour’s drive from Sekupang. The lovely resorts were built with Singaporeans in mind, here they can escape from the bustling town to the north and visit one of the golf clubs, eat seafood, bake in the sun on the beach or swim in the sea. Don’t expect to find any cheap hotels here.


This is the site for a large deep-water port under construction, called the Asia Port. When completed it will be able to accommodate very large ships. From nearby Telaga Punggur you can go by boat to neighboring Pulau Bintan, in Kabil fishing village you can also find several seafood restaurants, and watch the passing sampans and fishing craft while you eat.

Foods in Batam Holiday

Riau is well known for its fresh and delicious seafood. Prawns, live fish, lobsters, clams and shellfish are cooked in a variety of styles, a local specialty is the “gong-gong” conch shell dipped in a spicy sauce. To find a seafood restaurant is no problem, especially in Nagoya, Batu Besar, Batu Merah and Telaga Punggur. At Nongsa you can eat in a “kelong”, a restaurant built over the sea on stilts. Singaporeans even come here for a late night meal at a Batam restaurant and return the same evening to Singapore. You can of course also find other traditional Indonesian food here, like Padang food. In Nagoya you can try the night markets or the Pujasera Nagoya food center.

Recommendations for Hotels

This is a list of hotels in Batam Holiday. Prices range from $ 20 - $ 217

-  The BCC Hotel & Residence

-  Goodway Hotel

-  Batam View Beach Resort

-  Golden View Hotel

-  Panorama Regency Hotel

-  Harris Resort Waterfront

-  Swiss Inn Batam Hotel

-  Triniti Hotel Batam

-  Formosa Hotel Batam

-  Harbour Bay Amir Hotel

-  Turi Beach Resort

Batam Holiday

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