karimun jawa islandKarimun Jawa islands is a archipelago of 27 islands located in the Java Sea. The islands are entirely included in the Karimun Jawa district, Jepara, Central Java Province. In general, these islands are tropical lowland forests, and only five islands are inhabited by the population, namely Karimun Jawa island, Kemujan island, Parang Island, Mosquito Island, and Genting Island. Since 2001, Karimun Jawa Island designated as Karimun Jawa National Park with 111.625 hectares.

With beautiful natural condition, Karimun Jawa island offers a natural tourist attraction really fascinating. There are a number of flora and fauna in this place, such as coral reefs, mangrove forest, beach forest and lowland forest. While the wealth of fauna, deer, long-tailed monkeys, and hundreds of aquatic fauna. In addition, there is also the rare fauna species that live on the Bird Island and Island Geleang, such as the sea eagle and white chest and two species of sea turtles, the green and hawksbill turtles.

Access To Karimun Jawa Island

Travel to the Karimun Jawa island can be reached by sea and air routes. To use the sea route, you can start from Semarang through the Tanjung Mas harbour and if of Jepara through the Kartini Harbour. From the Tanjung Mas harbour, you can use Motor Ship Kartini 1, Motor Ship Kartini 1 depart every Saturday at 9:00 pm and Monday at 7:00 pm at a cost of about Rp. 108 000 for business class and for executive class about Rp. 128 000. If taken from Kartini harbour, you can use the motor ship Muria which departs every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00 pm at cost of about Rp. 63.000 for business class and for executive class about Rp. 83,000.

Meanwhile, if you choose to use air transport, you can start from Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang with type lease Cassa 212 plane provided by PT. Wisata Laut Nusa Permai (Turtle Inn). Time less than 30 minutes to get to the airfield Dewadaru in Karimun Jawa Island.

Facilities and Accommodation in Karimun Jawa Island

In the tourist areas of Karimun Jawa Island means of accommodation and facilities are fairly comprehensive, such as hotel, inn, restaurant or eating house, fruit stand, souvenir shops, equipment rental place fishing, diving, swimming, and sea cruise ships are equipped with glass at the bottom (glass bottom boat) that serves as a place to see the beauty of the underwater ecosystem.

At this location are also available as of transportation between islands that will take you around to enjoy the chain in Karimun Jawa Island. Transportation facilities are part of the trip using a rented motorboat. Rates should you spend to use this transport range between Rp. 250,000 – Rp. 500,000, depending on distance traveled and duration of use.

Tour in Karimun Jawa Island was not complete if you do not go to sea aquarium is located on the Menjangan Besar island. On this island you can enjoy the beauty of ornamental fish and sharks as well as the lives of other fish with a distinctive atmosphere that you can not find in other places.

Karimun Jawa Island

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