lagoi beach Lagoi Beach is one of the tourism pride District of Bintan, Riau Islands Province. This world-class tourism has beautiful scenery and clean environmental conditions. Coconut trees that lined neatly along the shore also become one of the attractions Lagoi Beach tourist area. In addition to its natural beauty, the friendliness of the locals also be distinctive, so make attract the travelers who visit this tourist area. Lagoi Beach is place of tourism have the beauty of nature and another place is very intersting, that is Sebong River, Mangrove forests, and various resorts. when visit in Lagoi Beach, you can watch the waves while bathing, swimming, or dive along the beauty of the ocean floor. After enjoying the activities on the water, you can sunbathe on the white sand while enjoying the sunshine.

After that, you can continue traveling to along River Sebong with rent a fishing boat. During the trip, you will see the beautiful variety of mangrove plants. Other interesting sights are the different kinds of plants that flourish like Rhizophora sidelines of the river, mangrove, pandanus and coconut trees that are rare. If you like fishing, you can visit the small huts that are owned by fishermen at the mouth of the River Sebong. That’s where that is usually used to catch fish and the cuttlefish bleary.

Access To Lagoi Beach

Lagoi Beach is one of the tourism pride District of Bintan, Riau Islands Province. To reach there, the trip begins from Tanjung Pinang to use a rental car, taxi, or travel. From Tanjung Pinang to the tourist locations takes about 1.5 hours. If you depart from Batam, the trip can be started from the Port of Telaga Punggur. From this port, the trip will continue by speed boat to Tanjung Uban, the trip can continue by taxi to the Lagoi Beach with a travel time of 30 minutes. In addition to rent a speed boat, you can ride the ferry from the Port of Telaga Punggur to Lagoi Beach. These ships operate 3 times per day.

Food, Souvenirs, and Facilities

Lagoi Beach In the area have such a variety of hotels, ranging from a low cost hotel to five-star class, villas, restaurants, souvenir stalls, bathrooms, large parking area, where fishing equipment rental, and others. In addition, there are also stalls selling typical Bintan food, which is gonggong and otak-otak. Gonggong is a sea slug cooked like satay and otak-otak a sea fish cooked by leaf rumbia.

Recommendations for Hotels

This is a list of hotels near the area of Lagoi Beach. Prices range from $ 44 - $ 246

1. Nirwana Resort Hotel ($121)

2. Angsana Bintan ($179)

3. Bintan Lagoon Resort ($109)

4. Banyu Biru Hotel ($246)

5. Mayang Sari Beach Resort ($133)

6. Ria Bintan Golf Lodge ($99)

7. Bintan Cabana Beach Resort ($44)

8. Nirwana Beach Club Cabana Resort ($81)

Recommendations for Tickets

Lagoi Beach

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