parai tenggiri beach Parai Tenggiri Beach is located in Sungai Liat, about 40 miles from the airport Depati Amir, Pangkal Pinang. The beach is quite flat and has a gentle waves. Beach conditions like these allow you to swim and play water along the shore. White sand and sea water which further adds to the beauty Parai Tenggiri Beach.

Parai Tenggiri Beach are the most popular beach and exclusive Province of Bangka Belitung. This is because the beach is no longer managed by the government, but rather professionally handled by private parties. Now, Parai Tenggiri Beach area defined as green area as Parai Green Resort. Manager of this resort has great concern to the business saving the environment by always trying to use of materials that can pollute beaches, such as plastic and planted many trees in these tourist sites.

Another attraction of the Parai Tenggiri Beach is the rocks with a large variety of unique shapes. Of the rocks, you can sit back to enjoy the beauty of South China Sea and the shady little choppy.

At night, you can freely enjoy atmosphere on the beach the colored light of the ships was sailing while enjoying snacks, such as fried sweet cheese, fried banana cheese, compote red flask, or warm drinks which can be bought at a nearby restaurant.

Besides enjoying the natural beauty and atmosphere, you can fishing. Supplied complete with a fishing boat equipment. Provided the facilities banana boatparasailing,  or diving for enjoying wealth of coral reefs.

Access To Parai Tenggiri Beach

Parai Tenggiri Beach is located in the Matras, Sinar Baru Village, sub Sungai Liat, Regency Bangka, Province of Bangka Belitung. To reach Parai Tenggiri Beach, you  could be riding public transportation from Pangkal Pinang majors Pangkal Pinang-Sungai Liat with fare RP. 6.000. From Sungai Liat journey can be continued by using a motor rickshaw to the Parai Tenggiri Beach at the rate of about Rp. 30.000. The cost of admission to the Parai Tenggiri Beach is Rp. 25.000 per person. This ticket can later be exchanged for food or beverages at a restaurant on the beach.

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Facilities in Parai Tenggiri Beach

For lodging facilities in Parai Tenggiri Beach, manager side build to resort, Parai Pool Vilas Resort & Spa and Parai Beach Resort & Spa. The both provide various facilities, such as hotel, restaurant, fishing outbound area, and spa.

Hotel Reservations Parai Tenggiri Beach

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Parai Tenggiri Beach

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