tana-toraja-graveyard-tourTana Toraja Graveyard Tour have haunted characteristics, but many have visitor for visit Tana Toraja Graveyard Tour. Besides the unique view from the graveyard, but also a tense and thrilling horror presented in the Tana Toraja Graveyard Tour. More fun again when we traveled here to coincide with the funeral commonly called ‘Rambu Solo’ and ‘Rambu Tuka’.

Rambu Tuka is a thanksgiving ceremony to enter the new home called tongkonan, while the Rambu Solo is a funeral ceremony. funeral ceremony ritual is like a party, who performed for 7 days and 7 nights and every day carried slaughterhouse ??such a pig or buffalo. Because cost incurred of hundreds million rupiah to convene the ceremony,

the family will be held the funeral ceremony after there was time and opportunity. The possibility after 2-3 family who died recently conducted funeral ceremony. But unlike the highborn family, the family will strive to collect fees for organizing the funeral ceremony.

In time waiting for the implementation funeral home placed in tongkonan. The


storage phenomenon can be for months or even years. Because it has become a tradition that should be preserved for generations authenticity. There are several types of burial there as in ‘Kambira’ is a baby grave in a tree, ‘Stone Tumonga’ is a corpse on a rock and ‘Rantepao’ is a corpse in the cave.

Besides traditional house tongkonan, the attractiveness of Tana Toraja Graveyard Tour is also present in traditional ceremonies Rambu Solo (funeral) that are well known for this. Like a baby’s grave in the tree Tarra at Kampung Kambira, District Sanglla, about 20 kilometers from Rantepao, prepared for the baby’s body aged 0-7 years. Although the ritual of burying the baby in the tree has faded since the last decades, but the proof of tree where “bury” the baby grave still standing. Stored in the tree Tarra dozens of bodies of babies.

The placement of the baby’s body in a tree adapted to the social strata society. The higher the degree of social family, the higher the


place the baby was buried in the tree trunk Tarra. In fact, out of love for a baby grave, the position of his burial was made in line with

Tana Toraja Graveyard Tour Object is visited since 1960. Besides watching the stone tomb, tourists can also buy various souvenirs or walking street around the object witnessed the Pangi  fruits of a brown ripe. The fruits were at the ready processed and eaten as food typical Toraja tribe called ‘Pantollo Pamarrasan’.the bereaved family residence. If the house is in the western part of the tree, then the child’s body will be placed in the west.

Entering the Land of Toraja, you will begin to feel the mystical aura. Especially when seeing Tangkonan were used as a bodies  storage area on the hill all the way. Characteristic of Makale is a pool and Statue of Unity Toraja located in the city center. In order to reach all the tourist attractions in Tana Toraja, should stay in Rantepao, North Toraja district administrative center.

Tana Toraja Graveyard Tour


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