tanjung benoa Tanjung Benoa Beach adjacent to the Nusa Dua area has become the center of a wide range of water sports, now from jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, until Flaying fish. Various means of tourist attractions that are named Benoa Marine Recreation (BMR) has also been equipped with five-star hotel and international restaurants.

Tanjung Benoa Area coastal areas that are at the end southeast Bali Island. Its location is quite gentle, with a quiet wave makes this area suitable for a variety of water sports. In this place. You can try various water sports challenges that were in operation since at 8-12 pm.


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The first interesting exercise to try is to drive a jet ski, water bike that is. In driving a jet ski, you will be accompanied by an instructor to avoid accidents. Instructors will typically drive a jet ski from the Tanjung Benoa Beach to the sea, then you can take over to start racing action at sea. To avoid a collision or other fatal error, the instructor will accompany you remain behind. This jet ski rental prices range from Rp, 150.000-Rp. 200.000 per 15 minutes.

There is  also banana boat can be boarded by 4 person plus 1 assistant instructor. Banana boat is a single rubber boat like a banana pulled by a speedboat to get around the Tanjung Benoa Beach or 15 minutes. If you want more exciting, you can ask the instructor to direct the banana boat against the current of the waves so that they can feel the sensation of crashing waves. Charges to be paid for this games is Rp. 75.000 – Rp. 110.000 per person.

There is also an umbrella parachute games is attracted by a fast boat speedboat) called parasailing. If you want this try this game, rent is approximately Rp. 90.000 – Rp. 135.000,- for everyone for all round (about 4 minutes in the air as high as 50 meters) around the beach area.

If you want to try snorkeling, and adapt rented premises equipment and services instructor service cost between Rp. 175.000 – Rp. 400.000 per person for 1 hour. For this sport, you are required to have the ability to swim. Besides Snorkeling you can also see a wealth of underwater with scuba diving. Scuba diving or dive with full equipment is one way to enjoy the beauty in Tanjung Benoa more secure. Having given a brief overview of engineering materials dives, you are welcome to wear wetsuits and oxygen stalk then accompanied by an instructor to dive at a depth of 5-7 meters below sea level. For those who are experienced, are allowed to dive up to tens of meters. Under the sea, you can see the wealth of coral reefs and colorful fish that are incredibly beautiful. Do not forget to bring a piece of bread to give these cute fish. For a dive, that is for 1 hour you subject to tariffs Rp. 250.000 – Rp. 450.000.

Another way of to enjoy the beauty of underwater Tanjung Benoa board the ship which has been modified to use a clear glass bottom. Usually the glass bottom boat ride is a package tour to the Turtle Island. On the way to Turtle Island, you can see the diversity of marine animals such as see under a giant aquarium. You also can give pieces of bread as food to play with these colorful fish.

After enjoying the underwater sights, you will be invited into Turtle Island is still native. There is rooting turtles, the eggs are being incubated, the eggs had hatched, small turtles, the turtles until fully grown and ready to become the new parent. The turtles are not only one type, but there are several types. Some of them also have over 35 years with a large enough size. In the Turtle Island There are also other animals such as bird, bat, snake, monkey and other animals that are relatively benign so it can be touched or photographed by visitors. On this island there is also a gallery that sells souvenirs various turtle replicas of wood or rock. A visit to the Turtle Island takes about 1 hour with varying prices depending on the number of passengers. If the number of tourists 1-5 person, charged between Rp. 450 000 – Rp. 550,000. If a number between 6-10 people, it costs between Rp. 700 000 – Rp. 1,000,000. if you want less expensive, it is recommended immediately hire a fishing boat at a cost of Rp. 50,000 per person.

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The game is relatively new in Tanjung Benoa is a flying fish. Flying fish can be played by three people, two people were on the right and left and 1 instructor in the middle as a guide and a counterweight. After being pulled by a speedboat at high speed and downwind, the boats will hover above the height of 2-10 feet like a kite. For those of you who like a challenging game, flying fish worth checking out. Old game is about 15 minutes at a cost of Rp. 170 000 – Rp. 275 000.

Tourism Benoa Marine Recreation (BMR) is located in the village of Tanjung Benoa, Tanjung Benoa District, Badung regency, Bali Province. Tourist areas can be reached by traveling 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport premises by taxi or rental car. Another object of tourist, Tanjung Benoa is within about 35 minutes from Kuta Beach and 10 minutes from Sanur Beach. For the purposes of transportation to attractions in Bali, you can use the buses tourism, travel agencies, taxis, and rental cars and motorcycles. Price of admission to the Tanjung Benoa is per car Rp. 5000.

In Tanjung Benoa, there is a small kiosk that sells snacks and drinks packaging. Turtle Island also need not worry if you need food or drink, Because on the island are found many food and drink vendors.

Tanjung Benoa area has been equipped with a variety of accommodation and facilities with international standards, such as one-star hotel to five-star restaurant serving typical local dishes to international cuisine Bali. In the area of Tanjung Benoa also has available a variety of souvenir shops, mini market, as well as spa facilities.

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