Weh island marine parkWeh Island Marine Park, is the paradise for the traveler that have a hobby of diving and snorkeling. Beautiful Panorama offered has incredible and still awake. Weh Island Marine Park is one of the best spot in the world. The Holiday Season, many tourists have visited for dive.

Weh Island Marine Park, Sabang have many hard coral and soft coral with many types, shapes and color, that make coral clusters have been interesting to be enjoyed, such as the coral lupus, coral deer and coral kerupuk.

Beside coral reefs, weh island marine park is have many species of reef fish such as Angel fish, Tropet fish, Dunsel fish, Grope fish, Sergeon fish, Parrot fish and others. These Fish are lived in Weh island Marine Park and of endemic in the area. But it also found economical fish species such as Tuna, Bayan, Kakap, Kerapu, Pisang-pisangan etc.

Nature tourism to do at Weh Island Marine Park is a water sports such as surfing, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and enjoy diving to underwater with biodiversity of coral reefs and beautiful reef fishs.

There are Iboih Beach located in Desa Iboih is the most popular beach, which is about 6 km from the monument KM-0 (Kilometer 0). The color of the green sea, featuring a stunning beauty who became a paradise for divers. From the panoramic beauty Iboih obvious Rubiah Island. The distance is about 150 meters. to swim to the island, and provided to the hung ropes in the sea down to the middle.

weh island marine park harborSome of the facilities in weh island marine park for support tourism activities such as: lodges inn around at Iboih built by the community, shelter, toilet, mosque, souvenir shop and hotel located in Gapang. Besides there are many facilities are built Department of Tourism at Rubiah Island such dive activity center are equipped with facility boat, the scuba gear, mosque, shelter, toilet, guard house, watchtower, walkways, garden and electrical installations.

Weh Island Location about 32 km from Banda Aceh, The capital city of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia. Toward Weh Island Marine Park access can be reached from Ulee Lheue, Banda Aceh by using fast boat spend time 45 minutes. When using the air transportation to the park Laun Pulau Weh, from Banda Aceh can be reached about 15-20 minutes. Sabang City is a mainstay of tourism in Aceh, for the marine tourism category. Its marine park beauty is very popular, not least with Bunaken Marine Park, North Sulawesi. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, set Sabang (Weh Island) as a national tourist destination.

Weh Island Marine Park

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